Balancing Act

SO here I am almost in the middle of Term 2, writing every Saturday with some friends, and so far things seem to be working. I’m working as a relief teacher and really enjoying being in schools, helping students and staff, and still having time for myself. There are of course a couple of hiccups – financially when I’m sick, I can’t work so it impacts on my finances (which are a bit anemic at the moment). But generally this is the work-life balance I have been looking for, so I can complete the novel.

So the fun stuff: Choir is amazing but I haven’t been able to go the last 3 sessions because of a flu which has left me with little voice! Also it costs a bit to register each term but usually I should be able to manage it. No pay over the school holidays has meant that I have been behind financially. Next to 4sj and I am absolutely loving the balance between reading and exploring and explaining my experiences. Lots still to explore there. Financially though I am behind in my payments. Then there’s a couple of creative ventures I have going: Women Who Write is going well with turn-ups each Saturday afternoon for about 3 hours each time. I am enjoying the regular catch-up and attention to writing. Deb’s group has also given me a lift and a look into how doing a PhD might benefit my writing and might be an option.

Meanwhile the Emerging Writers’ Festival is coming up and I’m going to try applying for some assistance. I’ll get onto that really quickly over the next few days. That and a couple of virtual assistant jobs might set me up nicely.

Fabulous things so far:

  • going away for three days to the Otways, camping there and spending my birthday with like-minded others who really made a big deal of it.
  • going away for a weekend with writers who have showed me a world in which writing is possible and forms a part of their daily lives.
  • the lovely Gunnas writing retreat – still dining out on the connections and writing prompts from that
  • the attention to my patterns and how I might reroute them into something more functional.
  • the visits from dear old friends (Veronica and Kate) and the visit coming up from my sister (and all that that stirs up)
  • the realisation that there are ways to increase my energy

And there are a couple of ideas for short stories in the offing. Just a quick check in for keeping this updated.

If you’ve read this far, thanks.

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