Ostara – Hello Southern Hemisphere Easter / Spring

Wow, so much is happening atm. Spring in all it’s chaotic colours, blossoms, greens, and scents. And the days are lengthening. Hello Spring Equinox (today or tomorrow), and that Spring threshold of planting seeds, of weeding out detritus, of potential in the air (and, let’s face it, a little love too). I can hardly believe this happens every year and yet I have been only half awake to it. Two weeks ago I spent 9 days camping in the wilderness of the Otways, slowing down, unplugging from the cacophony of modern life, to really listen to Nature, to myself and any really quiet whispers or desires I have had but haven’t stopped to hear.

What I felt, heard, and understood has had me in tears at first, then determined to realign myself with myself (if that makes any sense at all). And the trip back into modern life has been exhausting, but completely transformational. I’m trying to eat better, listen more, slow down, and enjoy nature around me. It’s a real shift, a daily struggle, but those moments where I notice a sunrise, or some birds flying, or see a child smiling, or a cat or dog jumping, seriously make me laugh. And I’m laughing more.

So this is a huge hug, and a tearful thank-you to Spring, for reminding me that Persephone does actually return from the dark depths of Hades. And she does so with the best array of colours and scents ever!!!

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